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We aim to help clients with physical, cognitive or functional limitations.

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Road Accident Fund

We assess, facilitate and advocate for the comprehensive on-going medical needs of the victim after they leave the hospital and continue treatment at home.

Work Evaluations

Visual perception is the ability to make sense of the information coming through the eyes. Children who struggle with visual information issues may benefit from this therapy.

Vision Improvement

Not all loss of vision is irreparable, and with help from occupational therapists, you can see an improvement in yours.

Stroke & Brain Injury

Occupational therapy can help patients regain and sharpen their cognitive skills after suffering a stroke or brain injury.

Physical & Mental Limitation

Our goal is to increase the patient’s range of motion while decreasing pain and stiffness, which is helpful in the case of patients who have worn out ligaments, stiff joints, or are ailed by arthritis.


Neurorehabilitation often involves teaching people how to move, talk, think and care for themselves again.

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Call: 071 876 8202

Call: 011 966 5249

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