Language Disorders

Language disorders are communication disorders and affect how people use and process language. Language is defined as the method of communication either spoken or written through using words in a structured way.

A patient with a language disorder may have experienced problems with:

  • understanding
  • talking
  • reading
  • writing

There are three main language disorders:

Expressive language disorder:

People with an expressive language disorder have trouble getting their message across when they talk. They may muddle words and use the incorrect name for commonly known things.

They struggle to put words together into sentences that make sense.

Receptive language disorder:

People struggle to grasp the meaning of what others are saying. Because of this, they often respond in ways that don’t answer the question nor make sense.

Mixed receptive-expressive language issues:

Some people struggle with both using and understanding language.

Languages disorders can be caused by brain injury or illness.

Our Speech Therapists walk alongside people to help them manage their language disorders.

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