MH&P acknowledges Global MND Awareness Day 2018

On the 21st of June, MH&P celebrated our incredible MND (Motor Neuron Disease) Heroes by spreading awareness and showing support to patients who are on this journey.

Staff joined in on the MND awareness campaign entitled #MyEyesSay.

MH&P Commemorated Nelson Mandela Day

On the 18th July 2018, patients and staff from McCulloch Harrison & Partners commemorated Nelson Mandela Day. Our staff and patients gave back to our society through donations and community service.

Our Soweto team and patients volunteered their time to community service by cleaning litter from the streets of the Dobnsonville community.

Our Johannesburg teams and patients made and donated sandwiches to the Soul Food Initiative which were delivered to underprivileged schools, orphanages, old-age homes, shelters and hospitals in South Africa.

Our KZN team and their patients prepared packs of toiletries and provided these and supplies to the Cheshire Home Sparks Estate.

We are so grateful to be able to give back to our communities in honour of this special day.


Part of our vision at MH&P

Part of the vision of MH&P is to create ownership opportunities for the right therapists, at the right time and for the right reason.

We couldn’t be prouder of the example that each of these three woman are, in the way they serve their patients and their colleagues.

Congratulations Yugesh Moothan, Carine Wood and Janine Gonlag.

MH&P RehabMatters announced new appointments

MH&P RehabMatters is excited to announce the appointment of Carmen Reed as Clinical CEO and Carine Wood as Operations CEO of MH&P as of 1 September 2017.

After 15 years, our founding CEOs, Mandy McCulloch and Amy Harrison are looking forward to pursuing new roles within MH&P that allow them to make more time available for their families.

Carmen graduated as a physiotherapist in 2003 from UCT. She has worked at MH&P for more than 10 years and has developed significant leadership experience in her role as Rivonia RehabMatters Unit Head. Carmen leads by example and is considered a mentor to many at MH&P. She is in the final stages of completing a Masters of Rehabilitation Science through the University of British Columbia and is perfectly suited to this new role.

Carine, a WITS alumnus, also has 14 years of experience as a physiotherapist, and is regularly praised by her colleagues for her leadership ability in heading up our Rosebank In-Patient Neuromedical Unit over the last 6 years. Carine has found a growing passion in her heart for business management and is currently in her final year of completing a Masters in Business Administration through Henley University.

The Directors and staff of MH&P are excited about this new season of leadership and look forward to the blossoming of years of preparation for Carmen and Carine.