MH&P COVID-19 Update: We’re still open!

Dear MH&P patients, families, caregivers and colleagues

Following President Ramaphosa’s announcement yesterday evening, we as MH&P responded by calling an urgent staff meeting this morning to discuss how best we can manage this crisis.

We are very aware of the devastating effects of this virus on society, and particularly on our patients undergoing rehabilitation who still need our help and support, even more so at times like these.

We strongly encourage our patients to cancel appointments if they are not well, or have been exposed to others with the Coronavirus.

However, if you are well, and have no risk factors related to travel or developing symptoms, please continue to attend your rehabilitation sessions. We have put extreme measures in place to minimize your risk of infection, and whilst the virus is still reasonably contained, we remain OPEN and committed to providing the continuity of therapy that is so important to achieving therapy goals.

Please be assured that we have already and will continue to implement stringent infection control and social distancing policies to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, our patients and their loved ones at our units. We are committed to providing the same level of care and quality of therapy as we usually do, within a safe and controlled environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, or would like more information, you are welcome to email us at

MH&P Coronavirus Infection Control Update

To our MH&P RehabMatters clients, families, caregivers and supporters.

The spread of Coronavirus, otherwise known as COVID-19 is something MH&P RehabMatters is monitoring carefully. We strive to care with excellence by ensuring our infection control measures create the safest possible environment for your rehabilitation goals to be achieved.

At MH&P we have an Infection Control Action Team (ICAT) who will base decisions on our response to COVID-19 on advice from the World Health Organisation and our South African National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NCID). We believe the risk of infection within our units and offices remains low at this time, but we intend to keep it this way by enforcing stringent infection control procedures, cleaning practices and by providing information and education to all who come through our units.

MH&P RehabMatters has taken the following action to protect you from the threat of COVID-19 whilst receiving therapy in our units:
– Infection control stations will be at the entrance to our out-patient units where compulsory hand-sanitising and temperature screening will be enforced for everyone entering our units – this includes all employees. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated at these stations.
– All furniture, surfaces and equipment in our out-patient units will have deep sanitisation done regularly using the GenEon Rapid Response System with a US EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant that fights against COVID-19, E.Coli, MRSA and Norovirus amongst many others.
– All of our frequently used clinical equipment will be wiped down with surface disinfectant between uses.
– All therapists and patients will be expected to wash their hands together before and after their therapy sessions.
– Gloves and masks will be available at all units upon request for those that feel more comfortable wearing such.
– All employees taking annual leave will be required to disclose their travel plans and may be required to take a voluntary self-quarantine period if they have travelled to a high risk area.
– Any patient or employee who is experiencing symptoms of fever, runny nose, shortness of breath or sore throat will be advised to stay at home until their symptoms resolve. You are also advised to contact the NCID hotline on 0800-029-999, Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm, who will advise on any further action required.

If you or a close contact is diagnosed with COVID-19, we ask that you please inform us immediately on 011 966 5249 or so that we can put additional responses in place.

MH&P RehabMatters knows that most of our patients are already battling significant health challenges and this places them at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. We will continue to act with the utmost vigilance to monitor and respond appropriately to the situation and will share any pertinent information that may affect your health.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Kind regards
The Executive Team
Mcculloch, Harrison and Partners