Speech Therapy

McCulloch, Harrison and Partners

What is Speech-Language Pathology?

Speech-language pathology provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of a range of speech, communication, voice, cognitive, and swallowing impairments. Education and engagement of family and friends is incorporated into the therapy process. Services may be delivered individually or may occur in a group format, with the goal of optimising communication and swallowing skills for life.

Our practice, as with the rest of the McCulloch, Harrison and Partners team, aims to provide the highest level of clinical expertise and is committed to the well-being and personal needs of each one of our patients.

Practice details

Practice name:           McCulloch, Harrison and Partners
Telephone:                   +27 11 803 6649
E-mail:                          directors@mhprehab.co.za
Address:                       1 De La Rey Road, Rivonia, 2128