McCulloch, Harrison and Partners 

Our physiotherapy practice was established in 2001 and is officially accredited by the South African Society of Physiotherapists. Our physiotherapists focus on giving personal attention to each and every one of our patients. We have a special interest in treating patients who have suffered an injury or disease that affects their ability to move, walk and function independently, such as strokes and other brain injuries. We ensure every patient receives the professionalism, safety and care that is needed to get back up and moving again. We love celebrating every little victory with our patients on their journey.

We also offer a vestibular rehabilitation clinic to treat dizziness and balance problems, and we have a special interest in amputee rehabilitation, oncology rehabilitation and swallowing therapy.

Our practice is proud to offer state of the art facilities and leading rehabilitation equipment to assist even the most disabled client to stand/walk and improve their general mobility including; the Bio-Step Semi-Recumbent Elliptical Cycle, the Gait Trainer 3, the Balance System SD and the Biodex FreeStep system. (for more information visit information visit


What is Neurophysiotherapy?

Physiotherapists with a special interest in Neurophysiotherapy have an in-depth knowledge of the rehabilitation needs of people with neurological conditions and focus their therapy on the restoration of a person’s functional ability. Neurological rehabilitation involves improving function, mobility, balance and co-ordination, as well as prescribing individualised exercises, aimed at increasing strength and body awareness. 

Neurophysiotherapists make use of gait and balance re-education equipment, specifically designed to assist even the most weak and severely impaired patient experience freedom of movement once more.


Practice details

Practice name:              McCulloch, Harrison and Partners

Practice number:           7235798

Telephone:                     +27 11 803 6649


Address:                         1 De La Rey Road, Rivonia, 2128