Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy practice has been part of RehabMatters since 2006. The practice has grown from the Rivonia based out-patient practice, to now also being involved in acute inpatient rehabilitation in a number of private hospitals in Johannesburg. Additionally we do home visits and access visits within the greater Johannesburg area.

We take pride in providing professional, knowledgeable and reliable services to our patients together with the rest of the McCulloch, Harrison and Partners team, we aim to protect our patients' well-being and quality of life.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy aims to improve your ability to perform everyday activities, from the basics of brushing teeth to driving a car and returning to work.

Occupational Therapists believe that occupation, or what people do every day, has an important link to health and well-being, and this defines our identity and role.

The role of an Occupational Therapist is to help clients with physical, mental or
functional limitations through purposeful activity and interventions, to develop, improve,sustain or restore the highest possible level of independence in daily living. This includes improving their abilities in self-care, work and leisure within the context of their home, workplace and community.

Occupational Therapy interventions focus on adapting your environment, modifying tasks, teaching skills and educating you and your family in order to enable, enhance and maximise your potential, independence, dignity and quality of life.

Practice details
Practice name:             McCulloch Harrison and Partners.
Telephone:                   +27 11 803 6649
E-mail:                          directors@mhprehab.co.za
Address:                        1 De La Rey Road, Rivonia, 2128

Please email directors@mhprehab.co.za to request a copy of the company’s PAIA manual or to request a copy of clinical records.