Amputee rehabilitation

Prosthetic and orthotic services:

Grant Monaghan Prosthetists, Orthotists & Podiatrists

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Physiotherapy services:

McCulloch, Harrison and Partners

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Occupational therapy services:

McCulloch, Harrison and Partners

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What is ‘AmputeeMatters’?

Amputee Matters describes the working co-operation between the Prosthetic, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy practices at RehabMatters that have a special interest in Amputee Rehabilitation. We offer you access to a wide range of therapy services all at one location. Our therapists work as a close-knit, organised team focused on a patient’s individual needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Initial consultation with prosthetist and/or physiotherapist to advise on prosthesis prescription, functional goals, and general muscle strengthening programs
  • Prosthesis prescription, manufacturing and adjustments on-site at RehabMatters
  • Gait rehabilitation and balance rehabilitation using the Biodex FreeStep Supported Ambulation System, Biodex Unweighing System and Gait Trainer and Biodex Balance System SD (
  • Pain-management advice and treatment options
  • Electrotherapy to stimulate healing, including Deep Oscillation®  therapy and massage
  • Sport-rehabilitation post-amputation
  • On-site, secondary referrals to occupational therapy, biokinetics and psychology if necessary
  • Regular check-ups to promote long-term satisfaction and achievement of high-level functional goals


How do I get an appointment with ‘AmputeeMatters’?

If your primary need is to investigate prosthetic limb options, please contact Grant Monaghan Orthotists, Prosthetists & Podiatrists

If you want to address your rehabilitation needs, please contact McCulloch, Harrison and Partners