What makes us different

You only pay for what you receive

Many rehabilitation units charge you/ your medical aid a daily global fee irrespective of what intensity of therapy and which therapy services you receive. We only charge for actual therapy given on a fee-for-service basis. Therefore every charge on your account can be justified by the provision of services directly received by the client.

Our therapy is almost exclusively one-on-one

We pride ourselves on having the following therapist:patient ratios:

  • Physiotherapy                           1 therapist to 4 patients
  • Occupational Therapy            1 therapist to 7 patients
  • Speech Therapy                        1 therapist to 7 patients

Rehabilitation units that charge on a global fee basis will often treat similar patients in groups and deliver limited one-on-one therapy. We believe in dedicating our therapists exclusively to their patients for up to 3 hours a day, with only the occasional group session or joint session being performed if it is in the best interest of the patient.

The 3 hours of therapy per day (Mondays to Fridays), is provided in the form of one-on-one therapy sessions and not group therapy sessions. The minimum therapy provided, depending on your needs, includes:

  • Daily neurologist/ specialist physician consulation
  • Twice daily  45 minute Physiotherapy sessions
  • Once daily  45 minutes Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy sessions
  • Twice weekly Psychology and Dietetics (not offered in acute onset care units)

Medical specialists and an Intensive Care Unit are available on-site

We understand that despite being medically stable, you may still face many medical status changes at the in-patient rehabilitation stage. As a result of these risks, you will be assessed daily by either a neurologist or a specialist physician and referrals will be made to supporting specialists where required. Appropriate rehabilitation therapy will continue even if you need to be transferred to the medical ward or ICU at Netcare Rosebank Hopsital.

We offer an interdisciplinary team approach

Teamwork is one of the most fundamental factors in rehabilitation care. Many rehabilitation units, although offering the same therapy services, structure their teams to work as a multi-disciplinary team with each discipline having its own separate therapy-specific gym (ie. Physio gym; OT gym etc).

In our unit we offer an inter-disciplinary team approach where all therapists work together in the same gym, set and work towards mutual goals, exchange ideas as a team, report and record goal setting in team meetings. All therapists have equal status and decisions are made by the team which is now greater than the simple sum of the activities of each individual discipline. This interdisciplinary therapy team meets on a weekly basis to discuss client progress, and submit progress reports to the funder when necessary. You play an active role in the setting of your goals which are individualized to your needs on discharge.

Our Case Coordinators are therapists, not administrative staff

On admission, you will be allocated a treating therapist to act as your Case Coordinator. The case coordinator facilitates communication between your family and the therapy team and will arrange a family meeting within the first two weeks of admission to explain goals and team member roles during your rehabilitation period. We understand that as a family you often want clinical information and updates and we believe our therapists are better qualified to transfer that information that our non-clinical administrators. In our unit, you have a clinical partner on the ground who knows exactly what has happened that day with your loved one’s progress and is available to share their achievements with you. While regular meetings and conversations may not always be possible, your case coordinator is happy to answer emails at the beginning or end of their day.

Our gym is not our focus

Visitors to our unit are often surprised that our gym area is relatively small compared to our competitors. We believe in a therapy approach that gets our patients out of the gym and into real-life environments and so you will find us doing therapy at the bedside, in the bathrooms/kitchen, in the counselling room, on the stairwell, at the local park and even sometimes in the Rosebank Mall. We dispute that effective therapy can only be conducted in a gym equipped with imported therapy equipment. The ultimate aim of the rehabilitation programme is to maximise your level of independence in activities of daily living and to ensure a safe, sustainable and dignified discharge back into your community. Performing therapy in everyday circumstances and environments helps to promote your independence.