What happens after discharge?

Home access visits

Prior to discharge, a home access visit will be conducted by our Occupational Therapists to assess the suitability and safety of your home environment. Once this is completed, advice is given on modifications that may be required and any equipment that may be needed will be provided. When appropriate we can arrange a day/ night pass-out prior to discharge to give you and your family a chance to see if you’re able to cope at home before being formally discharged.

Carer training

Our therapists can help you and your family identify a carer and can provide the necessary training should this be required on discharge.

Equipment provision

Our therapists can provide sound advice and quotes for any wheelchairs, mobility aids or assistive devices which may be required.

Family meetings

Discharge family meetings are valuable to help prepare you and your family for your discharge. These meeting also give us a chance to plan your future rehabilitation needs and get these arrangements sorted out before you are discharged.

Out-patient therapy handover

Should outpatient therapy be needed after discharge, our therapists will send a discharge report to our out-patient colleagues working at RehabMatters Therapy Centre in Rivonia. Many of the therapists at RehabMatters will have treated you on the weekends and will already be familiar with your case. This should build your confidence and provide you with continuity of care as you transition to out-patient therapy.