Therapy services

The therapy practices at RehabMatters offer their services through the two main stages of hospitalised rehabilitation:


Stage 1 – Acute onset care

Physio - patient 1_399x600When a client is initially admitted to Mediclinic Morningside or Mediclinic Sandton, they are often too unstable for intense rehabilitation in a gym environment. We start working with clients even though they may only just have been admitted to hospital. It is never too early to start rehabilitation and many long-term complications are prevented by the work of our therapists at this critical phase.

We conduct our therapy at the bedside, and focus on lung hygiene, prevention of stiffening muscles and joints, assessing swallowing safety and speech ability, teaching basic activities such as eating, feeding, grooming and toileting, teaching bed mobilisation exercises, sitting and standing balance work and walking over short distances.

Therapists discuss patient care daily and have a formal team meeting once a week to co-ordinate their therapy goals. Family meetings are available to give family members a chance to meet with the entire therapy team who will provide therapy updates, advice for future rehabilitation options and provide general support as needed.

Once a doctor deems you medically stable, you will either be discharged home to continue rehabilitation at RehabMatters Therapy Centre as an out-patient if required, or you may be transferred for an extended hospital stay to Netcare Rosebank Hospital where you can receive 6-8 weeks of intensive in-patient rehabilitation in our Neuromedical Unit.

By special request, our therapists will also provide these services at Netcare Sunninghill Hospital, Netcare Olivedale Hospital and Fourways Life Hospital. If you’d like to arrange this, please ask your referring doctor to contact Lee-Ann Van Wyk directly on +27 11 803 6649 to request our services.


Stage 2 – In-patient rehabilitation

Physio - unweighing system 2_399x600In-patient rehabilitation is for clients needing more intensive rehabilitation before being able to manage independently back at home.

The Neuromedical Rehabilitation Unit was opened at Rosebank Netcare Hospital in October 2007. We are proud that our unit is a small 12-16 bedded unit, thereby lending itself to a more personalised service and approach to client-care. You will be seen daily by a neurologist/ specialist physician and have access to an Intensive Care Unit and dedicated medical ward on site should you become medically unstable at any point during your stay.

You will be treated within a gym environment and have access to physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, dieticians and orthotists.

The majority of our clients are adults with neurological conditions such as strokes, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations, tumours and Guillan Barre Syndrome amongst others. We are also able to provide rehabilitation to complex orthopaedic or medical cases should two or more therapies be required.