Patient rights and responsibilities

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The National Patients’ Rights Charter



As a patient, your rights include the right to:

• Have a healthy and safe environment.

• Take part in making decisions about your treatment.

• Get basic health care at government health facilities.

• Have information about medical aid schemes.

• Make a proper choice about health services.

• Know the name of the therapist that is treating you.

• Enjoy confidentiality and privacy about your therapy treatment.

• Give informed consent to therapeutic treatment.

• Refuse therapeutic treatment.

• Get a second opinion from another health professional.

• Have ongoing medical care.

• Complain about poor health services by health care workers.



As a patient, your duties include the duty to:

• Take care of yourself.

• Respect other patients and health care workers.

• Use our health services, but not to abuse these services.

• Advise the therapist with correct information about your health.

• Follow treatment procedures.

• Pay for any costs of health services.

• Look after your personal medical records.