How do I set-up an appointment at RehabMatters Therapy Centre?

Contact us on +27 11 803 6649 between 7am and 4pm Monday to Friday to make an appointment. If the therapists are unavailable at the time, please leave your details and they will call you back to discuss your therapy requirements. Alternatively you can contact them directly on their contact details loaded under their individual profiles.

Contact our Soweto Center: Jenna McArthur 081 882 6757

General FQA's

Q. How are appointments charged for at RehabMatters and at what rates will I be billed?

A. Each practice at RehabMatters is independently owned and has their own accounts department and tariff policies. Your account and tariff queries must be directed to the accounts department of each practice as listed under the individual practice contact details.

Q. What are the working hours of the therapists at RehabMatters?

A. RehabMatters is open from Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm, however some of our therapists work after-hours and on weekends and you are encouraged to discuss a suitable appointment time directly with your relevant therapist.

Q. Is RehabMatters wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes, all offices at RehabMatters as well as parking, toilets, bathrooms are accessible for wheelchair-users.

Q. How do I know which of the therapies offered at RehabMatters would be most beneficial for me? Is there someone who can give me a general assessment and advise me on this?

A. If you know that you would benefit from a particular therapy you are welcome to book an initial assessment directly with that practice. If you are unsure which services you require, please book an initial assessment with the physiotherapists who will make suggestions about which therapies would be most beneficial for you based on their assessment findings.

Q. Do the therapists at RehabMatters work together as a co-ordinated interdisciplinary team?

A. Yes, definitely. This was the reason for bringing all of the rehabilitation practices under one roof. Patient care at all our units is arranged around a rehabilitation team comprising the patient, family members, referring physicians, and rehabilitation therapists and equipment suppliers. This team approach allows us to provide comprehensive services that addresses all your rehabilitation needs from one venue.

Q. If I can’t get to RehabMatters will the therapists do home visits?

A. Some of the therapists at RehabMatters will do home visits. Please contact the practice directly to enquire about this. RehabMatters also offers a driving service. Contact +27 11 803 6649 to enquire about our rates and to make a booking.

Audiology FAQs

For more detailed information on hearing assessments, please follow the link to Hearing Matters 

For more detailed information on balance and vestibular assessments, please follow the link to Balance & Dizzy Matters

Q. How long will the assessment take?

A. If you are having a standard hearing test, the process takes from 30-45min.

If you are having any additional tests (ABR, EcochG, VNG) it can take up to 2 hours.

Q. Do we charge medical aid rates?

A. There are no set tariffs for hearing tests or balance and vestibular tests. We do however try to charge as close to what your medical aid will pay you. Most medical aids will refund you for most of the testing, depending on your plan and funds available.

Q. Do we submit to the medical aid or are must the testing be paid upfront?

A. We require patients to pay upfront. A receipt will be e-mailed to the patient which can be submitted to your medical aid. We accept cash and also have card facilities.

Q. What hearing aid companies do we deal with?

A. We work with all the major hearing aid companies including Siemens, Widex, Oticon, Unitron, Phonak, Starkey and Beltone

Q. Are hearing aid trials available prior to purchasing hearing aids?

A. Yes. All hearing aid companies provide clients with the opportunity to trial a demo version of the hearing aid they are considering purchasing. The trial period ranges from 10-30 days depending on the hearing aid company. The demo stock is supplied by the hearing aid company and can take up to two weeks to be delivered by the company. Unfortunately we are not able to keep demo hearing aids in stock.

CE Mobility FAQs

Q. Can you claim a wheelchair from your medical aid?

A. Most medical aids have an ‘assistive devices/external appliance’ benefit. You can enquire from your medical aid how much funds you have available. We are registered with all medical aids and have supply the nappi codes that medical aids require for all products.

Q. Do we repair wheelchairs?

A. Yes. Wheelchairs needing repair can be dropped off at RehabMatters and we will send them to our workshop in Maraisburg. You can request a quotation before repairs get done.

Q. Do we sell parts for wheelchairs and assistive devices?

A. Yes, we have parts for all the brands that we manufacture and import.

Q. Do we sell second hand wheelchairs?

A. No, we only sell new wheelchairs and demo models.

Q. Do we hire wheelchairs?

A. Yes. Give us a call to request a quote for your required period of hire.

Occupational Therapy FAQs

Q. Will my medical aid pay for Occupational Therapy?

Every medical aid differs in the funding they provide for inpatient and outpatient therapy. It is your responsibility to find out from your medical aid, what they cover depending on the plan you are on. McCulloch Harrison and Partners will not submit to your medical aid on your behalf, so it remains your responsibility to settle your OT account directly with us and to claim back from your medical aid.

Physiotherapy – FAQs

Q. Will my medical aid cover Physiotherapy?

A. We appreciate how costly therapy services can be and we intentionally partner with our clients to assist them get the appropriate funding from their medical aid.

For in-patient services we charge the medical aid rates as published by your medical aid. We will also get authorisation directly from your medical aid for cover in full. If we cannot get this authorization we will let you know and discuss private payment arrangements directly with you. We will also wait for payment directly from your medical aid.

For out-patient services at RehabMatters, we bill within 1-3% of the published rates of most medical aids. Please note that it is your responsibility to get authorization for treatment from your medical aid directly and that you will be expected to pay for your therapy sessions directly. In other words, we will not submit your account to your medical aid, nor wait for your medical aid to pay us. If however you are a Discovery Health member, we will bill you at Discovery Health rates and submit accounts on your behalf and wait for direct payment from Discovery. Any shortfall payments remain your responsibility to pay personally.

Q. Why are your consent forms so long?

A. Ethical compliance is a value of this practice. Unfortunately, many physiotherapy practices still fail to get the appropriate consents to treat, bill and release personal information and this makes us look unreasonable in our attempts to do so. Your co-operation in this regard is highly appreciated. We hope our high level of compliance assures you that our practice is run professionally and ethically.

Q. Is a family member allowed to sit in on the assessment and therapy sessions?

A. Our therapy gyms are open plan and as such we prefer that family members remain in the waiting areas during treatment sessions. By prior arrangement, we will permit family members or care-workers to sit in on certain sessions if there is a specific purpose or goal in doing so. If you would like some therapy feedback please arrange a formal family meeting or leave a message for the treating therapist to call you when they are available to talk.

Q. Do you do home visits?

A. We do home visits within a 10km radius of Rivonia. However, there is an additional home visit fee levied on all home visits, making the session far more costly. We strongly encourage our clients to allow us to do home visits with the intent purpose of getting you strong enough to come into RehabMatters for therapy. As a cost-effective alternative, RehabMatters provides a driving service that will come and collect you from home, take you to RehabMatters and drop you back home after your therapy if transport is a limiting factor.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. At RehabMatters, our out-patient services are available from Mondays to Fridays between 7am and 4.30 pm.

Our in-patient therapists work 365 days of the year, but generally only treat patients on a Sunday if they are in ICU or require critical care therapy.

Speech Therapy – FAQs

Q. Will my medical aid cover Speech-Language Pathology?

A. Most medical aids do provide cover for clients with communication or swallowing difficulties, however the coverage is dependent on the client’s diagnosis and their medical aid policy/plan. It is important for the client to be aware of any restrictions for Speech-Language Pathology funding by their medical aid. If a medical aid does not fund Speech-Language therapy sessions, the Speech Language Pathologist may provide a motivation report to the relevant medical aid on behalf of the client for the funding of therapy.

Q. When should I start Speech-Language Pathology?

A. Early intervention is essential to reaching optimal progress in the shortest period of time. Early intervention also leads to a better prognosis.

Q. What paperwork do I need to complete for my first appointment?

A. Clients are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to their first appointment to complete a Patient Indemnity form. A printable copy of the form is available if you would like to complete the form prior to coming to our practice. You are advised to bring in other relevant paperwork such as previous therapy reports, Modified Barium Swallow results and X-rays, as this will be useful information for the Speech-Language Pathologist treating you.

Q. Is a family member allowed to sit in on the assessment and therapy sessions?

A. If the client gives permission and the Speech-Language Pathologist considers it beneficial to treatment, family members can observe therapy.

Q. How are therapy sessions scheduled?

A. Therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes in duration. Depending on the nature of your speech, communication and/or swallowing difficulties, your therapist will advise how many sessions she would like you attend per week and for how many weeks. The frequency of therapy sessions required will be evaluated on a monthly basis.